Project dissemination files.


7.1.2_24 chasa screen (1).JPG
7.1.2_24 chasa screen (2).JPG
7.1.3_Marica screen 1.JPG
7.1.3_Marica screen 2.JPG
7.1_Branding materials.rar
7.1_List of participants 1.pdf
7.1_List of participants 2.pdf
7.1_Press rel.docx
7.1_Program event.docx
7.1_Publication newspaper 1.pdf
7.1_Publication newspaper 2.pdf
7.1_links - press.doc
7.1_pics 10.11.2016.rar
7.1_project descr.docx
7.1_screenshot 1.bmp
7.1_screenshot 2.bmp
7.1_screenshot 3.bmp

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